Press Releases

Established in 1987, the Animal Agriculture Alliance works to bridge the communication gap between the farm and food communities. View a chronological listing of press releases issued by the Alliance. For more information or press requests, please contact Emily Solis.
May 18, 2022Abby Kornegay joins Animal Agriculture Alliance as manager, issues and engagement
May 13, 2022Sustainable food systems, influencer engagement and farm security among topics covered at 2022 Summit
May 4, 2022Develop a “mindset relationship” at 2022 Stakeholders Summit
April 21, 2022U.S. farmers and ranchers lead on sustainability
April 20, 2022Be ready to safeguard the future of animal agriculture at 2022 Stakeholders Summit
April 14, 2022Interactive crisis communications workshop slated for 2022 Stakeholders Summit
April 5, 2022Animal Agriculture Alliance Summit Preconference Webinar Series kicks off tomorrow
March 29, 2022Hannah Thompson-Weeman named President and CEO of Animal Agriculture Alliance
March 23, 2022Strategize how to take action for animal agriculture at 2022 Stakeholders Summit
March 9, 2022“Ag-vocates” to share lessons learned at 2022 Stakeholders Summit
February 23, 2022Experts to highlight consumer trends at 2022 Stakeholders Summit
February 9, 2022Author and registered dietitian Diana Rodgers to dish on sustainable meat at 2022 Stakeholders Summit
February 2, 2022Animal Agriculture Alliance welcomes new board leadership
January 26, 2022Interactive workshop to teach strategies to “influence the influencers” at 2022 Stakeholders Summit
January 19, 2022Jack Bobo to ponder if animal agriculture can save the planet at 2022 Stakeholders Summit
January 4, 2022Let’s come together for animal ag: 2022 Stakeholders Summit registration now open
December 13, 2021Animal Agriculture Alliance announces 2021 College Aggies Online scholarship winners
November 30, 2021Animal Agriculture Alliance makes 2021 Virtual Summit recordings publicly available
October 12, 2021“Come Together for Animal Ag” at 2022 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit
September 1, 2021Animal Agriculture Alliance advocacy scholarship competition kicks off September 13
August 30, 2021Alliance releases report from 2021 Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit
August 19, 2021Promote agriculture online and in your campus community this fall
June 9, 2021Collegiate clubs and students invited to sign up for 2021 College Aggies Online competition
May 20, 2021Animal Ag Alliance Virtual Summit attendees now prepared to turn “Obstacles to Opportunities”
May 5, 2021Speakers discuss communication, engagement and policy during 2021 Virtual Summit preconference series
April 26, 2021Creating opportunities to elevate farmer voices at the 2021 Virtual Summit
April 22, 2021Tools for changing minds, marketing, and messaging will be shared at 2021 Virtual Summit
April 20, 2021Updated Sustainability Impact Report highlights continued commitment and improvement
April 13, 20212021 Virtual Summit preconference webinar series set to cover political affairs, how companies can support animal ag and more
April 6, 2021Overcoming obstacles: farm security and legal updates to be provided at 2021 Virtual Summit
March 29, 2021Rethink methane and change the narrative around animal agriculture and the environment at 2021 Virtual Summit
March 22, 2021Identify new ways to position animal protein as the “star” of the plate at 2021 Virtual Summit
March 15, 2021Pivoting during a pandemic: Iowa farmers will offer lessons learned at 2021 Virtual Summit
March 8, 2021America’s changing palate to be explored at 2021 Virtual Summit
March 1, 2021Animal scientist to share how traditional and cell-based meat can work together to address global protein demand at 2021 Virtual Summit
February 15, 2021Timothy Caulfield to address misinformation in the time of COVID-19 at 2021 Virtual Summit
February 1, 20212021 Virtual Stakeholders Summit registration now open
January 13, 2021Animal Agriculture Alliance makes 2020 Virtual Summit recordings publicly available
December 15, 2020Animal Agriculture Alliance announces 2020 College Aggies Online scholarship winners
December 7, 2020Animal Agriculture Alliance Virtual Summit to help turn “Obstacles to Opportunities”
October 1, 2020Alliance releases report from Taking Action for Animals virtual conference
September 3, 2020Animal Agriculture Alliance scholarship competition will develop the next generation of ‘ag-vocates’
August 18, 2020Alliance releases report from Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit
August 11, 2020Engage with your campus about agriculture virtually this semester
July 14, 2020Alliance launches Animal Ag Allies
June 3, 2020Students and collegiate clubs invited to sign up for College Aggies Online scholarship competition
May 19, 2020Animal Ag Alliance Virtual Summit attendees now ‘primed & prepared’
May 11, 2020Animal Agriculture Alliance hires Emily Solis as communications specialist
May 4, 2020Hear from farmers on the front lines of consumer engagement at Virtual Summit
April 28, 2020Learn new ways to measure consumer opinions during Virtual Summit preconference webinar
April 22, 2020Animal Agriculture Alliance releases updated Sustainability Impact Report for Earth Day
April 20, 2020Sustainability insights to be served up at 2020 Virtual Summit
April 16, 2020Virtual Summit speakers to discuss “Building a Culture of Care”
April 13, 2020Animal Agriculture Alliance promotes Casey Kinler to director of membership and marketing
April 7, 2020Virtual Summit speakers to cover keeping science in the animal welfare conversation
March 31, 2020Trends in activism and farm security on the agenda for Virtual Summit
March 24, 20202020 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit set for May 7-8 goes virtual
March 4, 2020Professor and author Alan Levinovitz to speak at 2020 Summit
February 18, 2020Learn how to ‘stake your claim on the plant-based plate’ at 2020 Summit
February 6, 2020Former Google executive Steve Lerch to kick off 2020 Summit
January 28, 2020“Building Links Along the Food Chain” on the agenda for 2020 Summit
January 8, 2020Animal Agriculture Alliance publishes new resources on understanding activism, farm security and consumer engagement
December 19, 20192020 Stakeholders Summit registration now open
December 9, 2019Animal Agriculture Alliance announces 2019 College Aggies Online scholarship winners
November 7, 2019Animal Agriculture Alliance announces new board representatives and leadership
October 15, 2019Dairy Management Inc. helps Animal Ag Alliance coach students to become confident agriculture communicators
October 8, 2019New book examines what the Bible has to say about eating and using animals
October 7, 2019Animal Agriculture Alliance invites you to become Primed & Prepared at 2020 Summit
September 5, 2019Animal Agriculture Alliance prepares students to be advocates for agriculture
August 7, 2019Alliance releases report from 2019 Animal Rights National Conference
July 17, 2019New book examines what the Bible has to say about eating and using animals
June 26, 2019Animal Agriculture Alliance urges producers to have vigilance in hiring process
May 30, 2019Session recordings now available from 2019 Stakeholders Summit
May 14, 2019Speakers discuss how to turn challenges into opportunities at 2019 Summit
May 8, 2019Speakers discuss sustainability, antibiotic use and animal welfare at 2019 Summit
May 7, 2019New One Health Certified program to be discussed at Animal Ag Alliance’s Summit
May 1, 2019Experts to share how to avoid being an activist target at Alliance’s 2019 Stakeholders Summit
April 23, 2019Summit speakers to discuss positive marketing and engaging with unexpected allies for animal ag
April 16, 2019Publix, Sodexo and Centralized Supply Chain Services to talk about food chain decision-making at 2019 Stakeholders Summit
April 10, 2019Early registration for Animal Ag Alliance 2019 Stakeholders Summit ends April 12
April 3, 2019Speakers to discuss legal protections for animal ag at 2019 Stakeholders Summit
March 20, 2019Hot Issues will be on the table at Animal Agriculture Alliance’s 2019 Stakeholders Summit
March 5, 2019Industry leaders will tackle questions about sustainability in beef industry supply chain at Summit
February 26, 2019Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit to Kick Off with Consumer Focus Group
February 12, 2019Dietitians to ask “Does the Conversation Reflect the Cart?” at 2019 Summit
January 30, 2019Summit panel to explore how to engage influencers about animal agriculture
January 17, 2019Drastic EAT-Lancet Recommendations Miss the Mark
January 14, 2019Animal Agriculture Alliance debuts Sustainability Impact Report
January 10, 2019Summit speaker lineup set to provide solutions to challenges facing animal ag
December 10, 2018Registration now open for 2019 Stakeholders Summit
November 29, 2018College agriculture advocates take home scholarships for the holidays
October 2, 2018Animal Agriculture Alliance invites food industry leaders to the table for 2019 Summit
September 26, 2018Sign-up deadline extended for annual agriculture scholarship competition
September 10, 2018Last chance for college students to enter 10th annual agriculture scholarship competition
August 28, 2018$25,000 up for grabs for college agriculture advocates
July 31, 2018Alliance releases report from 2018 Taking Action for Animals Conference
July 10, 2018Alliance releases report from 2018 Animal Rights National Conference
June 13, 2018Animal Agriculture Alliance announces return of College Aggies Online
June 6, 2018Animal Agriculture Alliance announces new board representatives
June 4, 2018Animal Agriculture Alliance highly concerned about animal rights activist organization’s extreme activity
May 29, 2018Recorded presentations now available from 2018 Stakeholders Summit
May 4, 2018Speakers talk about sharing and protecting animal agriculture’s roots
May 3, 2018Conversations are changing to include farmers and ranchers
April 30, 2018USDA’s Ted McKinney to speak about “Agriculture’s Roots in Washington” at Stakeholders Summit
April 25, 2018Speakers to explore “Postmodern Animal Ag” and “Sharing Your Roots” at 2018 Stakeholders Summit
April 18, 2018Expert Panels to discuss Radical Animal Rights Extremism and Responding to Activist Tactics at 2018 Stakeholders Summit
April 9, 2018University of Minnesota’s Dr. Randall Singer to explore animal welfare ramifications of “No Antibiotics Ever” policies at 2018 Summit
April 5, 2018Charleston|Orwig to explore Consumer Perspectives on Food Labels at 2018 Stakeholders Summit
April 2, 2018Animal Agriculture Alliance extends early-bird rates for 2018 Summit
March 28, 2018Purdue’s Jayson Lusk to speak on the “Future of Consumer Choice” at 2018 Summit
March 14, 2018Air quality expert Dr. Frank Mitloehner to debunk environmental myths at 2018 Stakeholders Summit
March 2, 2018Wisconsin dairy farmer wins trip to 2018 Stakeholders Summit
February 26, 2018Registered dietitians dissect the plant-based plate at 2018 Summit
February 15, 2018UC Davis’ Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam to speak at 2018 Summit
February 1, 2018U.S. Farm Report’s Tyne Morgan returns as moderator of 2018 Summit
January 16, 2018Animal Agriculture Alliance announces chance for farmers to win free registrations to 2018 Stakeholders Summit
December 13, 2017Registration now open for 2018 Stakeholders Summit
December 4, 2017FFAR Awards Grant to Food Marketing Institute Foundation and Animal Agriculture Alliance to Study Consumer Understanding and Willingness-to-Pay
November 29, 2017Alliance thanks supporters for highest ever Giving Tuesday contributions
November 28, 2017Animal Agriculture Alliance names 2017 College Aggies Online winners
November 7, 2017Animal Agriculture Alliance issues statement on World Health Organization antibiotic report
November 7, 2017Cooper Farms and Cattle Empire to Match Donations to Animal Agriculture Alliance on Giving Tuesday
October 25, 2017Hundreds of college students come together for animal agriculture
October 18, 2017Animal Agriculture Alliance announces 2018 Stakeholders Summit
October 11, 2017Alliance celebrates a successful year of bridging the communication gap between farm and fork
October 5, 2017Animal Agriculture Alliance highlights industry’s commitment to continuous improvement
September 6, 2017College Aggies Online scholarship competition kicks off September 10
August 31, 2017Dairy Management Inc. proudly supports Animal Agriculture Alliance’s College Aggies Online
August 29, 2017Animal Agriculture Alliance issues statement on how to help farmers, ranchers and animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey
August 16, 2017Alliance releases report from 2017 Animal Rights National Conference
July 31, 2017Animal Agriculture Alliance announces new staff member
July 24, 2017College Aggies Online program returns this fall
May 22, 2017Terry Wehrkamp takes leadership of Animal Agriculture Alliance board
May 18, 2017Alliance announces staff promotions
May 10, 2017Animal Agriculture Alliance 2016 Stakeholders Summit shares how to protect the future of animal agriculture
May 9, 2017A perception change needs to happen for animal agriculture
May 3, 2017Resilience Reigns in Agriculture
April 27, 20172017 Summit panel to discuss marketing without disparaging
April 24, 2017Media engagement advice to be offered at 2017 Summit
April 19, 2017Sustainability, public health and antibiotic use up for discussion at Summit
April 10, 2017Broiler chicken welfare on the agenda for 2017 Stakeholders Summit
April 4, 2017Early registration discounts extended for 2017 Summit
March 31, 2017Engaging with consumers will be hot topic at 2017 Stakeholders Summit
March 27, 2017Representatives from Domino’s and investor engagement firm to speak at 2017 Summit
March 20, 2017Alliance Summit to kick off with live consumer focus group
March 13, 2017Alliance announces blog and photo contest winners
March 6, 2017Duo of dietitians to tackle food myths at Alliance Summit
February 8, 2017Alliance announces opportunities to win free registration to 2017 Summit
February 1, 2017Animal Agriculture Alliance celebrates 30th anniversary
January 23, 2017“The Big Fat Surprise” author Nina Teicholz to headline Alliance Summit
January 19, 2017Animal Agriculture Alliance congratulates Perdue on new ag secretary role
January 4, 2017Hannah Thompson-Weeman Promoted to Vice President of Communications
December 30, 2016America’s Turkey Farmers Are Committed to Animal Welfare
December 23, 2016Alliance Names New Communications Director
December 19, 2016U.S. Farm Report’s Tyne Morgan to moderate 2017 Stakeholders Summit
December 17, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance Announces 2016 Stakeholders Summit
December 15, 2016Deceptive Videos Unfairly Attack Farmers
December 12, 2016New Sponsorships Ensure Fourth Annual College Aggies Online Best Yet
December 8, 2016Alliance announces winners of 2016 College Aggies Online scholarship competition
December 2, 2016Alliance Awards Over $12,500 in College Aggies Online Scholarships
December 2, 2016Alliance Awards Sixth Annual College Aggies Online Program Scholarships
December 1, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance Announces 2017 Stakeholders Summit
November 25, 2016Alliance Awards Fifth College Aggies Online Program Scholarships
November 21, 2016Animal Well-Being Important to America’s Egg Producers
November 21, 2016North American Meat Institute and Dairy Management Inc. join Alliance Board of Directors
November 17, 2016Activist Groups Continue to Attack Egg Farmers
November 17, 2016Myths Promoted At “End Factory Farming” Conference
November 9, 2016Agriculture Must Collaborate to Educate Voters
November 8, 2016Kay Johnson Smith Promoted to President and CEO
November 7, 2016Cooper Farms to Match Donations to Animal Agriculture Alliance on Giving Tuesday
November 7, 2016International Dairy Foods Association, Animal Agriculture Alliance Announce Winners of Ice Cream Recipe Contest
October 30, 2016College Aggies Online Individual Winners to Receive Full Scholarship to 2015 Collegiate Congress
October 22, 2016MEDIA ADVISORY: Experts Weigh in on Industry Advancements, Highlight Center for Livable Future’s Inaction
October 18, 2016Celebrate Food Day, Every Day With Miss America Teresa Scanlan
October 17, 2016Alliance Exposes Meatless Monday Campaign for Dishonesty about Participation Levels
October 13, 2016Dr. Oz Wrong About Chicken Production
October 10, 2016Response to Idaho Dairy Video
October 4, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance concerned by Sacramento’s adoption of “Meatless Mondays”
October 4, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance responds to report calling for drug label refinements
October 3, 2016University of Florida student named top College Aggies Online ambassador
September 30, 2016Alliance Ends Relationship with Bank of America
September 29, 2016Pope’s visit brings to mind animal agriculture’s commitment to responsible animal care, helping to alleviate hunger
September 23, 2016Alliance to Increase College Aggies Online Scholarships
September 23, 2016College Aggies Online scholarship competition kicks off September 28th
September 22, 2016Alliance Statement on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Report
September 21, 2016Future Ag Leaders Embark on Educational Experience
September 15, 2016Third Annual College Aggies Online Competition Encourages “Agvocacy”
September 12, 2016College Aggies Online scholarship competition launches September 19th
September 11, 2016Alliance 14th Annual Stakeholders Summit to Hit the Road
September 8, 2016Alliance Releases Report from 2015 Animal Rights Conference
September 8, 2016College Aggies Online Kicks Off 6th Year with Record Participation
September 4, 2016Tyson Foods Joins as Sponsor of College Aggies Online Scholarship Competition
September 3, 2016Alliance Communications Director Selected for Prestigious Vance Publishing ’40 under 40 in Agriculture’ Award
September 2, 2016Alliance Releases Reports from 2014 Animal Rights Conferences
September 2, 2016Veal Video Reveals Extremist Agenda
August 29, 2016Alliance Welcomes New Board Members
August 24, 2016Statement on “Undercover” Video at CA Processor
August 22, 2016WATCH Tyson Foods to Sponsor College Aggies Online for Second Straight Year
August 21, 2016AVMA Finds Pew Report Biased, Inaccurate
August 18, 2016Alliance releases report from 2016 Animal Rights National Conference
August 18, 2016Animal Activist Rallies Showcase Continued Pressure on Agriculture
August 16, 2016Activists Share Anti-Agriculture Agenda at Conferences
August 16, 2016Alliance Welcomes New Staff Members
August 14, 2016Calling All College Advocates: College Aggies Online to Launch 6th Year with New ‘Program Mentor’ and Sponsors
August 10, 2016College Agriculture Advocates Unite!: College Aggies Online Returns for its 7th Year
August 4, 2016Take Action for Animal Agriculture: College Aggies Online Returns this Fall
July 29, 2016Emily Meredith Promoted to Vice President, Communications and Membership
July 19, 2016Alliance releases report from 2016 Taking Action for Animals Conference
July 17, 2016Animal Rights Extremists Ignore Science, Pressure Retailers
July 13, 2016HSUS Continues Unfounded Assault On Farmers
July 11, 2016Alliance Releases Report on 2013 Animal Rights National Conference
July 10, 2016Alliance President & CEO Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary
July 7, 2016Statement on Egg Industry Agreement
July 5, 2016Alliance Promotes Balanced Discussion of Antibiotic Resistance Issue
July 1, 2016College Students- Agriculture Needs YOUR Voice!
June 29, 2016Animal Well-Being Important to America’s Pork Producers
June 27, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance Releases 2016 Advances in Animal Ag Report
June 17, 20162012 Summit Highlights Report
June 10, 2016National Pork Board’s Sherrie Webb named Alliance chairperson
June 5, 2016Stakeholders Summit move to Kansas City a great success
May 27, 2016Video Not Representative of Dairy Industry
May 26, 2016Agriculture Responds to Activist Video
May 23, 2016Recorded presentations now available from 2016 Stakeholders Summit
May 22, 2016Alliance Responds to Walmart Animal Welfare and Antibiotic Use Position Announcement
May 14, 2016Alliance Welcomes New Staff, Board Member
May 14, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance Announces New Staff Members
May 11, 2016Agriculture Community Embraces Call for Transparency
May 11, 2016Future of Animal Agriculture Relies On Collaboration, Communication
May 9, 2016Alliance Stakeholders Summit Panelists Tackle Tough Issues; Spot Food Trends
May 9, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance names Cooper Farms’ Terry Wehrkamp as Chair-Elect
May 9, 2016Statement on Recent HSUS Video
May 8, 2016Chandler Keys, Hill Staff Talk Relationship Building, Trust and Millennials
May 8, 2016College Students Discuss Cafeteria Choices, Sustainability and ‘Real Food’
May 8, 2016For Millennial Consumers, Useful is the New Cool
May 7, 2016Stakeholders Summit finishes strong in Kansas City
May 7, 2016Summit speakers: It’s about putting a face to agriculture and having a dialogue
May 6, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance 2016 Stakeholders Summit explores new ways to bridge the communication gap about animal agriculture
May 6, 2016Summit Showcased Ag’s Need to Build Relationships and How Words Have Consequences
May 6, 2016Summit speakers discuss how consumers are influencing the future of agriculture at Alliance Summit
May 5, 2016Attendees saddle up to take action for animal agriculture at the 2016 Stakeholders Summit
May 3, 2016Summit Attendees Learn to Bridge the Divide
May 1, 2016Modern Farm Animal Housing Reduces Disease Risks
May 1, 2016Summit Asks: What’s Next for Animal Agriculture Legislation and Regulation?
April 30, 2016Stakeholders Summit 2010: Agriculture Industry Encouraged to Unite, Respond
April 29, 2016Time is running out to join the Alliance on “The Journey to Extraordinary”
April 26, 2016Diverse panelists to discuss issues management, engaging allies at Summit
April 26, 2016Follow Along With the 2010 Stakeholders Summit Online
April 25, 2016Millennials in Crisis: What’s Agriculture’s Response Plan?
April 24, 2016State Coalition Workshop Added to Stakeholders Summit
April 22, 2016Alliance Summit to Cover Livestock Profitability, Farm Security and Policies Influencing Animal Agriculture
April 21, 2016No Place for Animal Abuse on Farms
April 18, 2016Supply chain relationships to be discussed at Alliance Summit
April 16, 2016Food Trend Crystal Ball: What Millennials Want from Animal Ag
April 14, 2016Alliance Summit to Explore Feeding the Future with Advancing Technologies
April 11, 2016Alliance Summit panel to explore animal rights activist groups’ use of religion
April 11, 2016Learn Strategies to Protect Agriculture in Your State
April 8, 2016Become a Summit Sponsor Today!
April 8, 2016College Cafeteria Confidential: Alliance Summit Goes Undercover in the Lunch Line
April 8, 2016HSUS Targets Egg Producers
April 8, 2016When You Have to Go Off the Map: Alliance Summit to Discuss Proactively Managing a Crisis
April 7, 2016Experts to discuss changing the public narrative around antibiotic use at Alliance Summit
April 5, 2016Alliance Awards Third College Aggies Online Scholarship
April 5, 2016Stakeholders Summit Preview: Register Today!
April 4, 2016Last Chance for Stakeholders Summit Early Registration and Hotel Rates
April 4, 2016Learn Effective Communication Strategies At Stakeholders Summit
April 4, 2016Scholarships Awarded to College Aggies Online Winners
April 1, 2016Alliance Awards College Aggies Online Scholarships
April 1, 2016Early registration and hotel discounts for Stakeholders Summit extended through April 11th
April 1, 2016Fact, Fiction and a Future of Continuous Improvement: Alliance Summit to Explore Defining and Measuring Sustainability
March 28, 2016Alliance Summit attendees to hear directly from consumers on food purchasing decisions during live focus group
March 26, 2016Following New Poll, Alliance to Explore ‘Sustainability’ at Summit
March 24, 2016Alliance Summit to Focus on How ‘Radical Transparency’ Can Build Consumer Trust
March 22, 2016Demystifying the Blogosphere: Summit to Offer Tips on Engaging Online Moms
March 18, 2016Farmer Featured on Undercover Boss to Speak at Alliance Summit
March 17, 2016Restaurant, retail and ag industry leaders to talk consumer engagement at Alliance Summit
March 17, 2016What Does the Future of Animal Agriculture Look Like?
March 12, 2016Alliance to Explore ‘Antibiotics Endgame’ During Stakeholders Summit Panel
March 10, 2016Millennial Marketing Expert Jeff Fromm to Speak at Alliance Summit
March 10, 2016Tyson Foods, Animal Agriculture Alliance Donate Truckload of Protein to Gallatin Valley Food Bank
March 9, 2016Stakeholders Summit: Influencing the Debate on Animal Welfare
March 3, 2016Tyson Foods Partners with Animal Ag Alliance to Donate Truckload of Chicken to Food Bank
March 2, 2016How will the 2016 Presidential Election impact animal agriculture?
February 29, 2016Alliance to Host 11th Annual Stakeholders Summit in May
February 26, 2016Alliance Announces National Geographic’s Dennis Dimick as Summit Speaker
February 26, 2016Tyson Foods’ Donation Will Feed Bozeman Residents for Nearly One Year
February 24, 2016Extremist Attacks on Global Food Chain Increase 42% in 2008
February 21, 2016Alliance Statement on HSUS Undercover Video, Kentucky
February 21, 2016Alliance to Host 12th Annual Stakeholders Summit in May
February 20, 2016Alliance Announces Keynote Stakeholders Summit Speaker
February 17, 2016Dairy farmer behind “#Farm365” to share advice on social media engagement at 2016 Stakeholders Summit
February 16, 2016Alliance’s College Aggies Online Competition Prepares New Crop of Agvocates
February 15, 2016Extremists Attempt to Mislead Public
February 12, 2016Alliance Announces Details of 2015 Stakeholders Summit
February 12, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance re-relaunches blog with a new look
February 10, 2016Alliance to Host 13th Annual Stakeholders Summit
February 10, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance and Charleston|Orwig take home Regional Best of NAMA Award
February 9, 2016Help Secure Animal Agriculture’s Future- Register Today for Tenth Annual Summit
February 7, 2016Animal Agriculture Gives Big Thanks to Ram Trucks for “So God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl Commercial
February 3, 2016“SciBabe” to speak at 2016 Stakeholders Summit
February 2, 2016Statement on Mercy for Animals Dairy Video
February 1, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance debuts Meat Matters campaign
February 1, 2016Extremists Unveil New Tactic to Attack U.S. Farms
January 28, 2016Alliance Launches New, Interactive, Mobile-friendly Website
January 20, 2016Alliance Helps Rural Legislators Understand Challenges Facing Agriculture
January 18, 20162013 Kicks off with More Misleading Antimeat Campaigns
January 14, 2016College Aggies Online Launch Announcement
January 7, 2016Charitable Donations to AR Groups Increase 11%
January 5, 2016Animal Ag Alliance Appoints Adams as Communications and Membership Coordinator
January 4, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance Celebrates 25th Anniversary
January 1, 2016Animal Ag Alliance Promotes Hubbart to Communications Director
January 1, 2016Stakes are High for Issue 2