Small but mighty: We’re a nimble, dedicated team championing our mission every day.

The Alliance team is experienced with giving presentations on topics including animal rights activist tactics, farm and plant security, crisis managment, consumer engagement and advocating for agriculture on social media. If you’d like to have one of us speak at your meeting, check out our speakers bureau for topics each of us can talk about!

Hannah Thompson-Weeman

President and CEO

Hannah Thompson-Weeman, Alliance president and CEO, provides strategic direction to the organization and oversees its operations along with engaging key stakeholders about the value of animal agriculture and providing guidance to the animal agriculture community about managing various issues, including animal rights extremist activity and campaigns. Hannah joined the Alliance in 2014 and has served in various leadership roles involving communications, issues management and strategic engagement. Her passion for the future of animal agriculture and expertise in farm security, crisis management and effective communication strategies have made her a sought-after spokesperson, speaker and columnist. Hannah holds a B.S. in agricultural communication with a minor in agricultural business and an M.S. in agricultural and extension education from The Ohio State University. While pursuing her education, Hannah completed an undergraduate thesis based on agricultural policy and a graduate thesis focused on crisis communications and planning within the dairy community. Prior to joining the Alliance, Hannah worked in marketing and public relations for Farm Credit Mid-America. She lives in rural Maryland with her husband and their three pets – two dogs and a cat.

Casey Kinler

Director, Membership and Marketing

As director, membership and marketing, Casey Kinler leads membership recruitment, member retention and industry engagement strategy and execution for the Alliance. Casey is responsible for raising awareness of the Alliance as well as growing membership and sponsorship. She communicates with farmers, ranchers and industry professionals about activist strategy and what we can do to provide a counter voice. Casey holds a B.S. in agricultural communication from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama and an M.A. in strategic communication from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. While pursuing her education, she interned at the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. She joined the Alliance team in 2015. Casey lives in Maryland with her husband and three dogs.

Emily Solis

Manager, Communications and Content

As the Alliance’s manager, communications and content, Emily Solis is responsible for shaping the Alliance’s brand and proactive communications strategy. Emily leads the Alliance’s media engagement efforts, ensures the strength and consistency of the Alliance brand, manages the planning and execution of the College Aggies Online program, and outreach efforts with nutrition influencers. She also coordinates strategic discussions with relevant stakeholders on communications strategies and represents the Alliance at various industry meetings. Prior to joining the Alliance team, Emily served as communications manager for Maryland Farm Bureau and held several internships within the animal agriculture community – including communications intern for the Alliance. Emily holds a B.S. in animal science from the University of Maryland. She joined the Alliance team in 2020 and lives in Tennessee with her dog, Charlotte Mae.

Abby Kornegay

Manager, Issues and Engagement

Abby Kornegay is the Alliance’s manager, issues and engagement and is responsible for shaping the Alliance’s issues management and crisis communications strategy. Abby leads the organization’s efforts to expose those who threaten our nation’s food security with damaging misinformation, including monitoring and responding to the efforts of adversarial groups. She also coordinates strategic engagement efforts, provides counsel to Alliance members and contacts on issues, and leads the development and implementation of the Animal Ag Allies program. Prior to joining the Alliance team, Abby served as animal care program manager for Butterball, LLC. Abby holds both a B.S and M.S. in animal science from North Carolina State University. She joined the Alliance team in May 2022 and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and two dogs, Butters and Nitro.

We're hiring!

The Alliance is looking for a Coordinator, Membership and Communications to help us safeguard the future of animal agriculture and its value to society by bridging the communication gap between the farm and food communities. This is a very rare and exciting opportunity to join our small, but mighty team! For more details about the position and how to apply, see the description below:

Position Description: Coordinator, Membership and Communications