Veal Video Reveals Extremist Agenda

September 2, 2010- A deceptive new video from extremist organization Mercy for Animals has revealed the vegan activist group’s complete disregard for the authority of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board.

In a highly-edited video released August 31, Mercy for Animals attempted to confuse viewers by splicing together images of a properly managed Ohio veal farm with dated footage depicting cruelty past condemned by the entire agriculture industry. Narration by celebrity activist Bob Barker featured animal rights terminology and falsely accused farm operators of animal abuse.

Last year, voters placed their trust in the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to ensure animal welfare and protect Ohioans’ access to locally-produced food. By demanding that an immediate ban on individual stall housing be enacted, Mercy for Animals has ignored the board’s authority. The out-of-state group is attempting to intimidate Ohio’s agriculture industry even as the new board works with scientists, veterinarians, and academia to develop welfare standards for all
sectors of animal agriculture in Ohio.

Mercy for Animals also noticeably chose to ignore the American Veal Association’s 2007 resolution calling for the transition of all veal farms to group housing by 2017. The farm in the video has begun the transition process in recognition of the changing needs of consumers.

The veal farm responded to the misleading video:

We have been made aware of a video released by an animal rights group about veal production which focuses on Buckeye Veal and individual stall housing. This sensationalized video is deceptive to viewers because it includes shots from multiple farms not affiliated with Buckeye Veal in any way. In fact, only a small percentage of the footage is from our farms. Careful review of this video does not show any mistreatment of animals at Buckeye Veal. The footage shows calves in two of our facilities, both of which are in the process of being converted to group housing, a new system that does not use individual stalls.”

The activist group’s smear campaign against the family-owned operation, as well as the entire veal and dairy industry, reveals its true agenda.

A Mercy for Animals spokesperson made the group’s objectives clear, telling reporters that “even executed with the highest standards, raising veal is inherently cruel.” The representative also threatened that Mercy for Animals may ignore the July agreement made between agriculture groups and the Humane Society of the United States and reintroduce an antiagriculture ballot campaign. Animal rights extremist organizations such as Mercy for Animals are not truly focused on
improving animal welfare- they will not be satisfied until all meat, milk, and egg production is eliminated.

The American Veal Association’s statement elaborated on the activists’ agenda:

“The goal of animal activists like Mercy for Animals is clear. They want to eliminate meat from the American diet and force consumer to a vegetarian diet. The video released today is deceptive and misleading in its editing and strings together images of unacceptable animal abuse at many different farms, combining it with images of a veal farmer using accepted animal care practices. The video shows abuse that the AVA and other agriculture groups have condemned, and implies it was taking place on an Ohio veal farm. It ignores the commitment of veal farmers to assure appropriate care for their animals and the leadership of the veal industry in moving to group housing to meet the evolving expectations of our customers. The AVA, like others in agriculture, condemns animal abuse wherever it happens and we urge those who view the video to sort fact from fiction.”

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation also commented on Mercy for Animals’ divisive tactics:

“It is disappointing that as Ohio’s farm community demonstrates a willingness to engage in
constructive dialogue, activists continue divisive attacks that threaten to undermine important
progress Ohio is making in its consideration of animal care issues.”

The Alliance encourages consumers looking for additional information about America’s veal
farmers to visit for photos, videos, and farm tours.

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