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From Vermont to Tokyo, Purrier is promoting dairy along the way.

Fueling her way to the Olympics

It’s no secret that animal-based protein offers the quantity and quality of proteins needed for a healthy lifestyle but having someone in the public eye shed light on that is always exciting for the animal agriculture community. That’s exactly what Elle Purrier is aiming to do.

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10 Reasons to Compete in College Aggies Online

Agriculture is one of the most diverse and exciting fields to study. Meat science, horticulture, animal sciences, equine science, agricultural communication, poultry science, and the list goes on! With so many different directions students can take, one thing is key for the success of students and the field as a whole: effective communication with people not actively involved in or familiar with agriculture.

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Small but mighty

The Alliance’s small but mighty team is continually working to further bridge the communication gap between farm and fork. Not even a global pandemic was able to slow us down!

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Setting the record straight on Iowa pork

Animal rights activist groups, “journalists” and others continue to attempt to malign the reputation of the animal agriculture community and its commitment to providing consumers with safe, affordable and nutritious food choices. We’re here to set the record straight.

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What do methane digesters, seaweed and feed additives have in common?

Animal agriculture is constantly advancing: producing more food for the growing population, decreasing its environmental impact, and developing technologies for a continuously improving sustainable food system. 3.9 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions? Farmers and ranchers, alongside researches, are working to reduce that even more. Methane digesters, seaweed and feed additives are just a few of the new technologies being developed and implemented to reduce that number.

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2020’s Silver Lining: A Growing Respect

From our favorite restaurants closing their doors to the mom and pop shop down the road that can’t afford their rent, we’re all ready for this “new normal” to end. And while this year has been tough on farmers, ranchers and everyone in the food supply chain, a silver lining has surfaced.

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