HSUS Continues Unfounded Assault On Farmers

July 13, 2012 – The Humane Society of the United States, and extremist animal rights group, revealed yet another bullying tactic in its arsenal used to unfairly target farmers and food producers.


The organization, which spends less than one percent of its $100 million budget on animal care, served notice of its intent to sue 51 farms in Iowa, North
Carolina, and Oklahoma, representing six major pork production companies for alleged unreported releases of ammonia.

HSUS is not claiming actual environmental harm, but paperwork violations of EPA’s emissions reporting rule. It is worth noting that there was widespread confusion about the rule when it went into effect in 2009, with some states refusing to accept reports. Regardless of the eventual outcome of the suit, HSUS seeks to malign the reputations of all pork producers in the eyes of the public.

The continued, and unfounded, charges by HSUS against the environmental and animal care record of America’s pork producers showcase its unethical approach to advancing its extreme mission to eliminate animal agriculture entirely. In this case, HSUS is focusing its attack against family farmers who use individual sow housing, which is supported by animal behavior experts and veterinarians as a sound housing option.

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