Statement on Egg Industry Agreement

July 7, 2011 – The Alliance is concerned about the implications that today’s agreement between the American egg industry and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) will have on other segments of agriculture, but further analysis is needed to fully understand and predict its potential impact.


Legislation at any level is unnecessary as a means to ensure farm animal treatment, as animal care is already a top priority for the majority of all farmers and ranchers. The national organizations representing farmers and ranchers of all major farm animal species have developed animal care guidelines based on years of research, science and experience to ensure the best care of their animals.

Burdensome legislation will add costs – not only to farmers and ranchers – but to consumers. This agreement does not outline the federal agency responsible for
enforcement of the proposed new standards, but undoubtedly it would be impacted by USDA’s ever-shrinking budget and our national budgetary problems.

Today, Americans enjoy a very plentiful, affordable domestic food supply- spending on average just 6.9 percent of our disposable incomes on food- but this may not always be the case. The Alliance will monitor the progress of the agreement and any resulting legislation and will speak out in the best interests of America’s farmers, ranchers, and consumers.

Additional Viewpoints:

From Poultry Times editorial by Alliance Executive Vice President Kay Johnson Smith:
“Above all, always remember that the challenges today are not faced by a single state alone, nor a single industry. We must not forget — or ignore — that every sector of animal agriculture is intertwined. Actions made today may have far-reaching implications. Our industry’s leaders must work in a unified fashion with other stakeholders to make the right collective decisions that will ensure the long-term goals of increasing food production, protecting the environment and improving animal wellbeing. We must remain united if we are to maintain our nation’s ability to feed itself and the world.”

Response from the National Pork Producers Council:
“Legislation pre-empting state laws on egg production systems would set a dangerous precedent for allowing the federal government to dictate how livestock and poultry producers raise and care for their animals. It would inject the federal government into the marketplace with no measureable benefit to public or animal health and welfare.”

About the Alliance:
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