Animal Ag Alliance Promotes Hubbart to Communications Director

The Animal Agriculture Alliance recently promoted Sarah Hubbart to Communications Director, where she will be responsible for managing all aspects of the organization’s communications strategy. She was previously the Communications Coordinator for the Alliance.

“I’m thrilled to announce Sarah’s promotion to Communications Director. She has demonstrated both an incredible talent for writing and ability to connect with stakeholders, as well as tremendous leadership in building the Alliance’s communications program,” said Executive Vice President Kay Johnson Smith. “Thanks to her strategic understanding of online communications, the Alliance has become a leader in engaging stakeholders via social networking.”

Hubbart joined the Alliance as an intern in the summer of 2009 and was hired full-time in September 2009 as Communications Coordinator. Hubbart has been a champion of building a successful communications program for the Alliance, and she will be taking on new responsibilities in her new role as Communications Director. She will manage all media initiatives, all online and social networking outreach efforts, as well as all marketing, promotional and educational communications initiatives.

Hubbart was born and raised in a rural community called Sheridan, Calif., where she grew deep respect for America’s farmers and ranchers. She received a full scholarship to California State University, Chico, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications while representing the college as an Ag Ambassador.

About the Alliance:
The Animal Agriculture Alliance is an industry-united, nonprofit organization that helps bridge the communication gap between farm and fork. We connect key food industry stakeholders to arm them with responses to emerging issues. We engage food chain influencers and promote consumer choice by helping them better understand modern animal agriculture. We protect by exposing those who threaten our nation’s food security with damaging misinformation. Find the Alliance on Facebook and Twitter.

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