Speakers Bureau

The Alliance team is experienced with giving presentations on topics including animal rights activist tactics, farm and plant security, crisis management, consumer engagement and advocating for agriculture on social media. If you are taking your event virtual and need a speaker, we are offering discounted presentation rates! Contact us for rates, availability and more information.

Here is a printable copy of our Speakers Bureau!

Presentation Topics

The Alliance is experienced with presenting on the topics of:

  • Animal rights activists and their tactics, such as “undercover” videos, faith-based outreach, pressuring restaurants and retailers, targeting investors and more
  • Farm and facility security
  • Crisis management
  • Communicating about current issues in animal agriculture such as animal care and sustainability
  • Social media- how it can be used for proactive communication, examples of using it to promote agriculture and workshops on how to set up and utilize the different social media platforms

Meet the Presenters


Kaitlin Mathews
Women in Agribusiness Summit

The Women in Agribusiness Summit in Chicago was a great success, in large part because of wonderful speakers like you! We are so grateful for your support and participation in this event – you were a big hit with our attendees! You did a phenomenal job speaking and we are so happy you were able…

Dr. Michael J. Fields
International Stockmen’s Educational Foundation

Your wealth of experience and your critical evaluation that you brought to the Congress was an invaluable contribution to the day’s topic.

Erin Nessmith
Georgia Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers

Your presentation received high praise and great feedback. It is important that Farm Bureau members know they have amazing advocates in the industry.

Noel Perkins
Florida Dairy Farmers

I appreciate that you presented in a very engaging and authoritative way and I think our guests left the meeting with a much better understanding of the scope of animal activist activity – particularly outside of our own world here in Florida.

Dr. Michael Payne
University of California - Davis

It was hands-down the most enlightening, comprehensive and useful presentation I’ve attended addressing the challenges of dealing with animal activists. Over the years I’ve sat through a number of such talks and while they never failed to scare the pants off me, typically they were pretty light on the ‘What do I do about it?’…

Aaron Putze
Iowa Soybean Association

You had enthusiasm, mastery of the subject matter and were very articulate. You made me proud to be a board member and a sponsor of such a fine organization doing such important work.