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Founded in 1987, the Animal Agriculture Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that brings together farmers, ranchers, veterinarians, animal feed companies, animal health companies, processors, allied associations and others involved in getting food from the farm to our forks!

What Would Jesus Really Eat?

“What Would Jesus Really Eat? The Biblical Case for Eating Meat,”  looks at what the Bible has to say about using and eating animals from several different perspectives. The book, edited by Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Wes Jamison, PhD and Paul Copan, PhD, tackles topics including the challenges to Christian meat-eating, human exceptionalism and humanity’s dominion over other living creatures. Bulk order discounts are also available.

Stakeholders Summit

It’s one thing to talk about engaging in the public dialogue about animal agriculture. But what really makes our Summit special are the actionable tools and ideas that attendees walk away with. Discussions surrounding animal agriculture don’t always include engagement between key stakeholders across all sectors of the supply chain. Attendees will leave this year’s Summit Primed & Prepared with the tools they need to take action and be part of any and all conversations that could impact the future of animal agriculture and their business.

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