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There’s only one way to effectively safeguard the future of animal agriculture—together. On November 30, 2021, people all around the world are coming together to support causes they care about. Will you be one of them? The Animal Agriculture Alliance will be participating in Giving Tuesday and we need your help!
Join the Cause

Why give on Giving Tuesday?

On November 30, support the Alliance with your tax-deductible donation. U.S. Poultry & Egg Association will be matching your donation with a 2X match for new donors and a 1X match for returning donors!

What's at stake for animal ag?

Extreme animal rights groups are misleading consumers about how livestock and poultry are raised and have gone as far as blaming pandemics on animal agriculture in an attempt to further their agenda and take away the animal agriculture community’s ability to provide safe, nutritious food to families and consumer’s ability to choose what they put on their plates.

At the Animal Agriculture Alliance, our goal is to safeguard the future of animal agriculture and its value to society by bridging the gap between the farm and food communities.

Donate today through December 31 to receive a free gift!

All donations of $100 or more will receive a free copy of What Would Jesus Really Eat: The Biblical Case for Eating Meat.