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There’s only one way to effectively safeguard the future of animal agriculture—together. Join us in 2022 to connect, engage and protect animal agriculture.
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Please donate today to help us arm farmers, ranchers, processors and industry stakeholders with resources to both engage with their customers to combat misinformation and protect their farms and facilities from animal rights activist attacks.

What's at stake for animal ag?

As we all experience the lasting effects from the pandemic and supply chain disruptions continueextreme animal rights groups are all too eager to take advantage of a difficult situation. One group recently protested outside of a processing plant and brazenly stated that their goal was to “cause supply chain disruptions.” They are misleading consumers about how livestock and poultry are raised and trying to disrupt supply chains even more all in an attempt to further their agenda and take away the animal agriculture community’s ability to provide safe, nutritious food to families and consumers ability to choose what they put on their plates. 

At the Animal Agriculture Alliance, our goal is to safeguard the future of animal agriculture and its value to society by bridging the gap between the farm and food communities and there’s only one way we can do this – together.  

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