See what’s going on in animal agriculture! The Alliance team attends many industry events throughout the year to stay informed on emerging issues, network with thought leaders and offer our own perspectives through participating in panel discussions and making presentations.

Where the Alliance is this month

  • Western Dairy Management Conference

    November 1-4 | Reno, NV
    Hannah Thompson-Weeman speaking

  • Tyson Animal Welfare Summit

    November 2-4 | Rodgers, AR
    Emily Solis speaking

  • Animal Ag Alliance Fall 2021 Board Meeting

    November 3-4 | Washington, DC
    Alliance team attending

  • Maryland Association of Ag Fairs and Shows Convention

    November 5-6 | Virtual
    Hannah Thompson-Weeman speaking

  • Carolinas/Virginia NAMA Meeting

    November 12 | Virtual
    Hannah Thompson-Weeman speaking

  • Merck Animal Welfare Symposium

    November 15-16 | Orlando, FL
    Kay Johnson Smith attending

  • National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention & Trade Talk

    November 17-19 | Kansas City, MO
    Hannah Thompson-Weeman and Emily Solis exhibiting
    Come chat with us in booth #97!

Need a speaker for your event?

If you are planning an event and need a speaker on farm security, activism, crisis management or communicating about animal agriculture, contact us for rates, availability and more information.