Farm Security

America’s farms and ranches are the front lines of our food supply. Keeping these facilities safe and secure is essential to animal health and well-being, in addition to ensuring the safety of our milk, meat, poultry and eggs and protecting the reputation of our industry. The Animal Agriculture Alliance’s farm security resources are intended to help farmers protect themselves and their livestock and poultry from threats to the security of their property. With animal rights activism on the rise, it is increasingly important for farmers and ranchers to keep security top-of-mind.

For more farm security advice and resources, log into the Resource Center or contact us to become a member.

Farm Security Tips:

  • Establish check-in procedures for visitors at your farm and ensure all employees and family members know the steps to follow if a visitor shows up. Escort visitors at all times.
  • Maintain basic security: lock offices and cabinets, have proper lighting, alarms and cameras, post signs for restricted areas and no trespassing.
  • If you there is a protest at your farm, facility or an event you are attending, do not engage protesters and remain calm.
  • Thoroughly screen all job applicants by verifying past employment, conducting background checks and confirming they are not a known activist. Contact the Alliance for more information about our Farm Security & Hiring Hub.
  • Develop a crisis communication action plan.
  • The Alliance has a wealth of in-depth security resources for farms, plants and events available to our members. Contact us for more information.