Animal Rights Extremists Ignore Science, Pressure Retailers

July 18, 2012- Managers at the Minnesota pig farm targeted this week with an “undercover” video by extremist group the Mercy for Animals (MFA) have begun an internal review to ensure that all employees continue to follow proper animal care policies. MFA is using the footage to unfairly pressure prominent retailers to reject animal care practices that are supported by the American Veterinary Medical Association.


The Animal Agriculture Alliance encourages consumers to get the facts about how their food is produced – and not from organizations like MFA that seek to discredit farmers and ranchers while promoting an extreme vegan lifestyle.

An independent panel comprised of animal-care experts who reviewed the video concluded that the “there were no signs of animal cruelty, abuse or neglect. The sows were clean, free of lesions, calm and in good condition.” Today’s farm practices are implemented with animal care, environmental stewardship, and food safety as priorities. The PQA Plus program was launched in 2007 to help pork producers
measure, track and continuously improve animal well-being. Farm owners and employees who participate in the program are able to showcase their commitment to social responsibility while ensuring that U.S. pork products continue to be of the highest quality.

MFA Executive Director Nathan Runkle stated at a 2011 animal rights conference that “the lifeblood of Mercy For Animals is our undercover investigations of animal agriculture”. At the same conference, another speaker indicated that farmers who did not join ranks with animal rights extremists would be targeted for “undercover” investigations.

MFA claims that the most recent video was allegedly filmed between December 2011 and March 2012 – but yet again the organization held on to the footage until the most politically opportune time. To be clear: the ultimate objective of groups like MFA is not to improve animal well-being but to promote their animal rights and vegan agenda while running farmers and ranchers out of business with legislation and bad press.

The Alliance also wishes to remind consumers that unfounded criticisms of the agriculture industry as a whole threaten both America’s farm families and our nation’s food security. For more information about farmers’ and ranchers’ commitment to animal care and to learn more about the real motives of animal rights extremist organizations, visit the Animal Agriculture Alliance website at

If you would like to learn more about today’s pig farms, visit the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s Youtube channel to watch a collection of videos, including farm tours and interviews with the people who care for their animals and the environment everyday – farmers and ranchers.

About the Alliance:
The Animal Agriculture Alliance is an industry-united, nonprofit organization that helps bridge the communication gap between farm and fork. We connect key food industry stakeholders to arm them with responses to emerging issues. We engage food chain influencers and promote consumer choice by helping them better understand modern animal agriculture. We protect by exposing those who threaten our nation’s food security with damaging misinformation. Find the Alliance on Facebook and Twitter.

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