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Health goals and common sense

It’s the start to a new year and many of us are evaluating our health goals, myself included. I dug my Fitbit out of the dresser drawer a few weeks ago to start keeping better track of my eating habits, exercise and water intake. With so many fad diets, it can be challenging to decipher all the health claims floating around. I am definitely not a nutritionist or health expert, but some things just make sense – like including lean meat, eggs and dairy in a healthy, balanced diet.

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How farmers prep for severe weather

Bread, batteries and bottled water vanish from supermarket shelves; lines snake around gas stations as people top off their tanks; and plywood covers windows. This is what many do when a severe storm is on the way. But how do farmers prepare for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires and other extreme weather events?

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WeWork going vegetarian doesn’t work

WeWork, a company which provides shared office spaces, announced it is going vegetarian. It is taking meat and poultry off the menu for their nearly 6,000 staff members at company events and during work travel. The company also shared their interest in taking it a step further and potentially going vegan, saying it will evaluate its consumption of seafood, eggs and dairy.

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How to protect your farm from extreme activists

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all; treat others like you would like to be treated; always be respectful – these are all basic rules I learned growing up. Unfortunately, some people have forgotten these simple gestures and need to listen to R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Aretha Franklin on repeat.

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Georgia On My Mind

Don’t stop educating and advocating. In the face of adversity, farmers still farm, and, in the same token, we should still advocate. 

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Agriculture lingo cheat sheet

Jargon gets thrown around quite a bit in agriculture. The farmers, ranchers and people who grew up on the farm understand the lingo, but not everyone grew up on a farm. In fact, less than two percent of today’s population is directly involved in food production. That leaves about 98 percent of us trying to decipher ag lingo, so here’s a cheat sheet…

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