Bridging the communication gap between farm and fork, one blog post at a time.

The faces behind the Animal Agriculture Alliance

The Animal Agriculture Alliance is a small, but mighty team with just four full-time staff members. Our mission is bridging the communication gap between farm and fork and we figured you might be wondering why all of us at the Alliance are passionate about our work, so we’d like to take this opportunity to share a little bit about our backgrounds and why we enjoy working on behalf of animal agriculture.

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A lot to be proud of

I’ve always felt like my story is simple, so it was refreshing to see that someone enjoyed what I had to say. My story is far from complete, but I can’t wait to see where I end up in this world.

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Explain agriculture and find common ground

Explaining agricultural practices to someone not involved in agriculture can be challenging at times, but as a rule of thumb it is best to connect with your audience by finding common ground. I had an interesting conversation with my mom recently about misconceptions in agriculture where I did just that – found common ground.

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Why I am not a vegetarian (anymore)

It has taken me about seven months to write this blog post. I knew I had a good story to tell seven months ago, but part of me was hesitant to share it because I didn’t want to admit that I once had doubts about the industry that I now am so passionate about.

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Should we use animals to save human lives?

Should we use animals to save human lives? I’m not talking about the big picture, philosophical debate. I’m talking about standing next to a loved one’s bedside in the hospital room and wondering if you’ll see them tomorrow, if they’ll get to celebrate another birthday, if he’ll be there to walk me down the aisle.

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Science and agriculture: two peas in a pod

Science was always my favorite subject in grade school and during my undergraduate career. My favorite class in college was biology and despite the stress level, I found chemistry to be fascinating and I loved the challenge. Was it always easy? Of course not – it was science, and its level of difficulty was one of the many reasons I ultimately decided to change my major from pre-vet to agricultural communication

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