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Cell-based meat, Part 3: Environmental Impact

Environmental stewardship is an important aspect of agriculture. Creating a sustainable system that can feed the world nutritious food in a way that is efficient, cost effective, and does not harm the environment is a challenge modern agriculture works hard to tackle.

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Vote: “A Seat At The Table” Farmer Photo Contest

The entries are in for the “A Seat At The Table” farmer photo contest! Take a look at all the photos and vote for your absolute favorite in the poll at the end of this post. Voting is open until Friday, February 22 at noon eastern time. The winners will be announced that same day. Here…

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Breakfast of eggs and bacon

“A Seat At The Table” Farmer Photo Contest

Vote now! Some are round, set for five with a dog underneath waiting for something to drop. Some are rectangular, feature homemade pies and have a highchair at the end. Others have take-out set for two and are in front of a television. Although each may look different, the table is where we come together…

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