Safeguarding the future of animal agriculture, one blog post at a time.

Should we use animals to save human lives?

Should we use animals to save human lives? I’m not talking about the big picture, philosophical debate. I’m talking about standing next to a loved one’s bedside in the hospital room and wondering if you’ll see them tomorrow, if they’ll get to celebrate another birthday, if he’ll be there to walk me down the aisle.

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Science and agriculture: two peas in a pod

Science was always my favorite subject in grade school and during my undergraduate career. My favorite class in college was biology and despite the stress level, I found chemistry to be fascinating and I loved the challenge. Was it always easy? Of course not – it was science, and its level of difficulty was one of the many reasons I ultimately decided to change my major from pre-vet to agricultural communication

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Why undercover videos aren’t the answer

They wear two faces, two hats, one hidden video camera and have one goal: to put all farming operations that produce meat, milk and eggs out of business. Undercover animal rights activists gain employment on farms across the United States and Canada under false pretenses to help animal rights groups produce undercover video campaigns.

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