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Why do people believe the Food Babe?

The world we live in is undeniably complex and filled with wonders that we may never fully understand. This concept of complexity is nothing new, but when people take pride in being knowledgeable and yet prefer simplicity, it can cause a certain chaos to erupt within our own minds.

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6 ways to ask a farmer or industry leader

In the majority of my blog posts thus far I have encouraged the reader to ask a farmer or industry leader if they have questions about their food supply and the treatment of farm animals. I can only hope that curious consumers are taking my advice and reaching out to the men and women who take pride in producing our food. Then I got to thinking – what if someone genuinely wanted to ask a farmer, but wasn’t sure how to go about doing so?

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Don’t believe everything you see: the truth about undercover videos

Years ago, whenever I saw one of the undercover videos that animals rights groups release, I was sure I was watching torture to farm animals. My heart would beat like I had just finished a marathon and my eyes would sting with fury as I watched the poor animals endure so much pain. How was this kind of cruelty taking place on American farms!? I wanted an answer and I told myself I would eat a salad instead of a burger every chance I got. At least that’s what my naive self thought before I became interested in agriculture and learned the truth.

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Food labels: helpful or hectic?

Now that I devote my time to learning everything I can about agriculture and being immersed in the field, I am able to stay in tune with current issues and campaigns that animal rights groups are stirring up and how they are affecting farmers and ranchers. I finally get to put my expensive college education to use and do what I love

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Veterans farming for a better tomorrow

When a farmer wants to tell his story, you listen (and take notes if you’re a communications intern). David Gevry recently contacted the Alliance about wanting to share what he’s been up to on his farm and I was thrilled. My favorite assignments in college always happened out of the classroom when I was able to meet new people, learn their story and turn it into something publishable and worth reading.

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The Tyson Experience

The top individuals and clubs in the 2014 College Aggies Online Scholarship Program traveled to Arkansas to visit with program sponsor Tyson Foods, Inc.

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