Clearing the Air: How Cattle Can Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Cows have been condemned for climate change effects time and time again – often times unfairly with overstated figures and exaggerated claims. But even now, as anti-animal agriculture activists rally this cause as an excuse to reduce or even eliminate the consumption of meat, milk, poultry and eggs, farmers and ranchers have countered their claims with a continued commitment and action toward reaching solutions. Enter: carbon sequestration.  

What do methane digesters, seaweed and feed additives have in common?

Animal agriculture is constantly advancing: producing more food for the growing population, decreasing its environmental impact, and developing technologies for a continuously improving sustainable food system. 3.9 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions? Farmers and ranchers, alongside researches, are working to reduce that even more. Methane digesters, seaweed and feed additives are just a few of the new technologies being developed and implemented to reduce that number.