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Is the word Sustainability becoming Unsustainable?

Sustainability; we’ve all heard that word tossed around quite frequently the past few years. But if I surveyed 100 people, no let’s make that 5 people; they wouldn’t give me the same definition of sustainability. Just look at these three different definitions of sustainability: Webesters dictionary Sustainability: able to be used without being completely used…

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Boots on the Hill

Heads turned on Capitol Hill this week to admire the cowboy hats and boots strolling through the halls of congress. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I was raised on a cattle farm in North Carolina and this week I joined other cattle producers from across the nation for the 2014 National Cattleman’s Beef Association…

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A sore horse makes for a sore subject on Capitol Hill

Horse soring has been a hot topic this week as both sides voiced their opinions in the House. Bill HR 1518 the Prevent all Soring Tactics (PAST) Act was introduced by Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee. The opposing bill, HR 4098 Horse Protection Amendments Act of 2014, was introduced by Representative Marsha Blackburn, also from Tennessee. Horse soring…

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Don’t Send Your Selfie Donation to the Dark Side

The hot topic in animal agriculture legislation for the past few weeks has been farm protection or “ag gag” bills. But my past two blogs have been on those bills so I wanted to change it up a bit!  I am going to dive into a completely new something…or rather someone: Ellen Degeneres. You might…

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