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More Than a State Fair

For most people, state fairs mean funnel cakes, rusted amusement rides and, of course, corn dogs. But for people in the agricultural industry, they mean livestock shows.

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Never fear, meat will still be here

It’s deeply frustrating, though not at all surprising, to see the endless parade of op-eds, social media posts, online petitions and more from activist groups, activist authors and others taking advantage of current circumstances to call for an end to animal agriculture and meat consumption.

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Small ruminants grazing

Eco-Friendly Small Ruminants

The Chicago International Airport has an unlikely group of landscapers. In an effort to reduce environmental impact, the airport brought in it’s first herd of sheep and goats to graze overgrown vegetation in 2013.

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Hollywood Agriculture Advocates

As award season wraps up, its hard to ignore the hits animal agriculture has taken in the last few months. From the decision to take meat off the Golden Globe’s menu, to an Oscar winner’s speech about dairy farming, it begs the question: who are Hollywood’s agriculture advocates?

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Holiday Fun at Local Farms

This time of year, my Instagram and Facebook feed is covered in the iconic photos of family and friends getting together at a local farm. While the flood of the same photos would usually get old, this season never does.

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