15 Quick Tips to Really ‘Milk’ your 2022 Summit Experience!

After two years of adapting to the challenges that COVID-19 threw in our way, it’s finally happening! We are now able to come together once again to connect, engage, and protect our farming communities. The 2022 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit is your chance to meet and collaborate with stakeholders throughout the food chain and across commodities. But after two years of virtual meetings, Zoom webinars, and online conferences from the couch, we all may need a few tips to get back into practice of attending a conference in person.

Clearing the Air: How Cattle Can Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Cows have been condemned for climate change effects time and time again – often times unfairly with overstated figures and exaggerated claims. But even now, as anti-animal agriculture activists rally this cause as an excuse to reduce or even eliminate the consumption of meat, milk, poultry and eggs, farmers and ranchers have countered their claims with a continued commitment and action toward reaching solutions. Enter: carbon sequestration.