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June 2, 20222022 Stakeholders Summit Highlights Report
February 17, 2022Article for Alliance member publications: It’s Time to Come Together for Animal Ag
December 3, 20212021 Animal Ag Allies Impact Report
November 22, 2021Request for Speakers: 2022 Stakeholders Summit
May 20, 20212021 Stakeholders Summit Highlights Report
April 23, 2021Outcomes Report: U.S. Animal Agriculture as a Solution to Global Food Systems Challenges
February 17, 2021Response to New York Times regarding Costco broiler chicken welfare
July 14, 2020Showing commitment to animal care and avoiding activist disruptions at livestock shows – in person or virtual
June 30, 2020Animal Ag Allies: Call for participants
June 12, 2020Never fear, meat will still be here
May 14, 20202020 Stakeholders Summit Highlights Report
April 2, 2020Tips for successful webinars
March 24, 2020Promote the 2020 Virtual Stakeholders Summit
March 6, 2020Embracing the Sustainability Conversation
February 18, 2020Animal Ag Allies: Sponsorship Opportunities
October 8, 20192020 Virtual Stakeholders Summit Sponsorship Opportunities
August 14, 2019What can you do about extremists taking activism to the altar? New book offers “biblical case for eating meat”
May 30, 20192019 Stakeholders Summit Highlights Report
January 7, 2019Industry Expert List
June 6, 2018Response to inaccurate New York Times op-ed on antibiotic use
May 30, 2018FYE 2019 – FYE 2021 Strategic Plan Overview
May 29, 20182018 Stakeholders Summit Highlight Report
May 7, 2018Potential Impacts of No Antibiotics Ever/Raised Without Antibiotics Production on Animal Health and Welfare- Executive Summary
September 29, 20172017 Annual Report
July 28, 2017Letter to Mark Zuckerberg
February 28, 2017Secure Your Farm
December 19, 2016Alliance 2016 Year in Review video
November 23, 2016Extremist Group Attempts to Capitalize on Pepsi’s Generosity
October 31, 2016Letter to the Boston Globe Editor
October 21, 2016Animal Agriculture Community Collaborates on Report Highlighting Advancements
September 27, 2016Alliance Letter to Mr. Steve Ells, re: Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” Video
August 6, 2016Alliance Letter to Ronald Shaich and William Moreton re: Panera’s “Antibiotics Free” messages
August 4, 2016Alliance Annual Report May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2016
July 28, 2016Response to Pew’s “Big Chicken” Claims
June 27, 2016Bank of America Letter to Alliance re: Alliance letter dated 6/18/2012
June 18, 2016Alliance letter to Bank of America, re: HSUS Affinity Card Program
June 13, 2016Cattle By-Product Sheet
June 13, 2016Pig By-Product Sheet
June 6, 2016Alliance letter to Trader Joes, re: Antibiotic Use on Farms
June 5, 20162015 Stakeholders Summit Highlights
June 1, 2016Alliance Letter to Jordan Vineyards re: Decision to Host Gala for HSUS
May 29, 2016Alliance letter to the Penguin Group, re: Decision to Support HSUS
May 23, 20162016 Stakeholders Summit Highlights
May 22, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance Animal Care Principles
May 16, 2016Alliance letter to Domino’s Congratulating their Decision to Strike Down Animal Rights Shareholder Resolution
March 10, 2016Letter to Idaho Governor
March 10, 2016Samsung HSUS Donation Letter
February 19, 2016[yellow tail] Shows Support for Farmers and Ranchers
February 15, 2016Alliance Letter to CBS Evening News re: Antibiotics Story
February 12, 2016Risk, Awareness & Opportunity – Social Media, Food, and the Passionate Consumer
February 8, 2016Alliance letter to Fox News re: Meatless Monday Support
February 5, 2016Yellow Tail Wine Company Partners with HSUS
February 1, 2016Alliance Letter to Giada de Laurentis re: Meatless Monday Campaign Support
January 29, 2016Meat Matters!
January 24, 2016Strategic Plan Summary FY 2016-2018
January 5, 2016Executive Summary: Strategic Plan FY 2016-2018
January 1, 2016Animal Agriculture Alliance Statement on Antibiotic Use in Livestock Production
January 1, 2016Misguided Reporting Reveals Bias
August 25, 2015Animal Agriculture Alliance 2015 Annual Report
November 30, 2007Statement by Animal Agriculture Alliance Coalition on Animal Commitment to Public Health
November 30, 2007Statement by Animal Agriculture Alliance Coalition: Agriculture’s Commitment to Animal Well-Being