Dear Mr. McGrory:

Nearly 30 years ago, animal rights activists tried to control Massachusetts agriculture with a ballot initiative campaign. Voters then were insightful enough to deny them 71% to 29%. Today, they’re back with Question 3 – which will have the major impact of raising food costs for Massachusetts families, not helping animals.

While some may be able to afford a higher grocery bill, everyone should consider what it would mean to SNAP and WIC recipients, or single parents working multiple jobs. A vote for this measure may mean thousands of families will no longer be able to afford animal protein.

Voters may not be aware of this consequence, but the organizations behind the initiative certainly are – in fact that’s their goal: making meat, poultry, milk and eggs unaffordable so fewer people can consume them, driving farms out of business and ultimately eliminating animal agriculture.

This measure takes farming backwards in terms of sustainability and ignores research that was the driver behind the housing of animals today. Every citizen needs to do their homework before voting. Ask a farmer whose family has been farming for generations instead of an animal rights organization hell-bent on taking all eggs off your plate.


Kay Johnson Smith

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