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Animal Agriculture Alliance

Animal Care Principles


To promote animal wellbeing and produce animal food products of the highest quality, the Animal Agriculture Alliance recommends adherence to the animal care principles that follow. These principles are the essential building blocks for professional animal care. Owners and managers of animal operations are committed to these principles.


The health and wellbeing of animals raised for food may be judged using science-based behavioral, physiological, biochemical, pathological criteria, and other characteristics. These criteria are all used to assess wellbeing; all have shortcomings when used individually. A combination of these criteria generally provides the best assessment of animal wellbeing.



  • Food and Water

Provide access to good quality water and nutritionally balanced diets as appropriate for the species


  • Health and Veterinary Care

Implement science-based animal health programs, including prudent product use, and provide appropriate veterinary care when required


  • Environment

Provide living conditions sufficient to meet the wellbeing needs of the animal as appropriate to each species


  • Husbandry Practices

Implement science-based husbandry practices appropriate to the species


  • Handling

Ensure proper handling practices throughout the life of the animal as appropriate to each species


  • Transportation

Provide transportation that avoids undue stress as appropriate to each species

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