This is a summary of current farm protection legislation that is either passed, pending or failed prepared by the Animal Agriculture Alliance.

Passed/in effect

  • Montana: Passed in 1991, the Farm Animal and Research Facilities Protection Act states “unlawful acts include exercising control over a facility without consent, damaging or destroying the property of an animal facility, entering an animal facility with the intent to commit a prohibited act, entering an animal facility to take pictures by photograph, video camera, or other means with the intent to commit criminal defamation, and entering an animal facility if the person knows entry is forbidden.”
  • Missouri: Passed in July 2012, 013, states “whenever any farm animal professional videotapes or otherwise makes a digital recording of what he or she believes to depict a farm animal subjected to abuse or neglect under sections 578.009 or 578.012, such farm animal professional shall have a duty to submit such videotape or digital recording to a law enforcement agency within twenty-four hours of the recording” and “no videotape or digital recording submitted under subsection 1 of this section shall be spliced, edited, or manipulated in any way prior to its submission.”
  • North Carolina: HB 405 Property Protection Act was vetoed, but veto was overridden by House and Senate and passed on 6/4/2015. North Carolina also introduced two other farm protection bills in 2013 and 2014, but both failed.
  • North Dakota: The Animal Research Facility Damage Act was enacted in 1991. It states “a person may not intentionally damage or destroy an animal facility or the property or animals located therein; exercise control over the animals or property; enter an animal facility not open to the public with the intent on committing prohibited acts; enter a facility and remain concealed to commit prohibited acts; or intentionally release an animal at a facility.”
  • South Carolina: Farm Animal and Research Facilities Protection Act passed in 2012.
  • Virginia: HB 1541 requires humane educators, law enforcement officers and animal control officers to contact the state veterinarian before seizing and impounding any agricultural animal.


  • Arkansas: Passed in 2017, HB 1665 makes a person who knowingly gains access to a nonpublic area of an agricultural production and engages in an act that exceeds their authority to enter the nonpublic area liable to the owner/operator for any damages sustained by the owner/operator. The bill also defines acts that exceed a person’s authority, challenged by The Animal Legal Defense Fund, Animal Equality, the Center for Biological Diversity and Food Chain Workers Alliance in March 2020
  • Idaho: Agricultural Security Act, signed by Gov. Otter into law in 2014, then ruled unconstitutional in 2015
  • Iowa: SF 519 Iowa Code 717A.3B, challenged by the Animal Legal Defense Fund in April 2019 and in December 2019 a judge placed a preliminary injunction on the law, HF 589, ruled unconstitutional in 2018
  • Kansas: Farm Animal and Field Crop and Research Facilities Protection Act, ruled unconstitutional in January 2020, a permanent injunction was passed in April 2020
  • Utah: HB 187, ruled unconstitutional in 2017
  • Wyoming: SF 12, overturned 2018


  • Maryland: SB 286 was introduced in January 2020 to “prohibit a person from willfully and maliciously interfering with, injuring, destroying, or tampering with livestock used for racing or breeding.”
  • Missouri: HB 1583 was introduced in January 2020 to prohibit the inspection of certain grounds or facilities in Missouri to enforce the laws of a state other than Missouri


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