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Wondering where milk-fed veal calves are raised? In the Milk-Fed Veal Belt, of course! Is your state on the list?


Milk-fed veal calves are fed a nutritionally-balanced formula of milk that can include the nutrients they need to remain healthy and grow!


Whether or not the package says “hormone-free,” all veal is free of added hormones!

Veal farmers are committed to providing for the care and comfort of their calves. Farmers have begun to transition from individual stalls to group pens and today, a majority of veal calves are raised in group pens. The barns are also kept clean, dry and well-lit!

It is a myth that veal calves often have anemia. Farmers work with veterinarians and animal nutritionists to provide the calves a balanced diet that contains an adequate amount of iron. A healthy calf is the farmer’s first priority!


Did you know that keeping calves comfortable and nourished is key to helping young calves thrive? Veal farmers work directly with veterinarians to develop comprehensive herd-health programs in order to provide quality care and prevent disease.

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