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There's more to sheep than lamb chops and wool

No part of the sheep is wasted. Sheep not only provide high-quality meat, but also important by-products for other industries.


Shearing protects sheep and promotes their overall well-being and comfort.

Shearing protects sheep from predators and parasites, reduces them getting caught in objects, and keeps them from overheating.

Lamb is a flavorful, lean, and a nutrient-dense part of a healthy diet

A 3 oz. serving of lamb is an excellent source of protein, zinc, selenium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. A serving of lamb has almost 50% of your daily protein needs at only 160 calories.


For thousands of years, goats have provided milk, meat, hair, and leather.

Goats not only provide milk, meat, hair, and leather, but more recently have become popular as pets, pack animals, wildfire brush control, and for grazing vegetation in cities and communities. 


Goat milk is delicious, wholesome, nutritious, and versatile.

Did you know some people have an easier time digesting goat’s milk than other types of milk? It’s versatile and can be used for drinking, cooking, and baking! It can also be used to make cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and even soaps!


American producers are working hard to meet increased demand for goat’s milk products! Goat’s milk, cheese and soaps have all gained popularity in the last decade.


By grazing in areas inaccessible to mowers clearing undergrowth in forests and woodlands, goats can greatly reduce the amount of tinder that causes wildfires!


Love wine and fruit?? Sheep are often used to help control weeds in vineyards and orchards!



In California, Oregon, Washington and Canada, sheep grazing in forest plantations can double the number of healthy trees and increase each tree’s growth by 30 percent compared with areas not grazed!


DYK: 94% of sheep farms are family owned. There are more than 80,000 family farmers and ranchers caring for over 6 million sheep throughout the United States!


Across America, people have rediscovered sheep for an age-old skill: grazing vegetation to create healthier landscapes. Sheep are able to eat noxious weeds, promote healthy forests, fight weeds and insects in agronomic crops and reducing wildfires!


This might sound crazy, but wool can be worn year round! It is an absorbent fiber that can regulate body temperature, making it perfect for any season! So as you put on your wool sweaters and gloves this winter, remember to thank our sheep farmers!


People normally think of guard dogs, but did you know llamas and donkeys are also used to protect sheep and lambs from predators?

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