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Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: Do I need to complete all of these challenges to participate in the CAO Competition with my club?

ANSWER: No, we have tried to provide your club with options at the various point levels so you can pick and choose what works for you and your club. Of course, the more challenges you complete the better chance you have of winning, but we’ll update the point totals every week so you can check to see how you’re doing and how many points you need to take/maintain the lead.


QUESTION: Do I need to complete the challenges in a given timeframe? Is there a schedule for completing the challenges?

ANSWER: No. You have all the challenges now—so you and your club can pick and choose which challenge to do when EXCEPT for the food drive challenge, which has to be done between November 1st and November 30th. Otherwise, all your challenges and supporting documents must be submitted by November 30th to be counted.

QUESTION: How do I receive points for the challenges completed?

ANSWER: Once you’ve completed a challenge—send in your supporting documents, photos and any other required information to as soon as it’s completed!! That way, we’re able to track your points and provide you score updates every week!


QUESTION: Can our club come up with our own challenge?

ANSWER: Yes! Feel free to get creative! If you come up with a challenge that you would like to complete submit to the Alliance staff at and we will consider it. If we decide to allow you to complete your created challenge, we will award it a points value and alert other clubs competing to the new challenge as well.


QUESTION: Do our club members points that are competing individually double count
for our club?

ANSWER: Yes! If you have submitted your official club roster to, then all the points your club members have accrued
while completing weekly Aggies Homework ONLY will also count towards your club score. Meaning, if that week’s individual homework is worth 250 points and you have 5 club members complete the homework, your club will be awarded an additional 1,250 points for that week.

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