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Do you like beer? Brewer’s grains are recycled into cow feed because they offer a great source of protein and fiber!


Did you know…80 percent of what cows eat cannot be eaten by people – we simply can’t digest it! But cows are able to recycle the things we can’t eat into nutritious feed!


Have you started the new year eating a bit healthier?? Well livestock and poultry have nutritionists to help them with their diets! Farmers work closely with animal health professionals to make sure their animals eat a healthy, balanced diet all year!


Myth: Grain-fed cattle never eat grass and it is unnatural for cattle to eat anything but grass.

Fact: Nearly all cattle eat grass for most of their lives and some cattle have their diets enhanced with grains. Unlike humans, cattle have a four-part digestive system that helps to digest their food. Cattle are uniquely able to turn a variety of feed ingredients like grains and soybeans into the nutrients they need to grow and be healthy.


Chickens have their feed tailored for each stage of their life by close coordination between farmers and animal nutritionists so they get the right nutrients at the right time!


Pigs eat a balanced diet…so if you eat like a pig you’re actually eating pretty healthy!


Myth: Feed produced from genetically engineered crops is not safe for livestock and poultry to eat.

Fact: There is no scientific evidence that feed produced from genetically engineered crops is unsafe for animals. More than 100 scientific studies have revealed that there is no significant difference in nutritional value, growth and animal health for cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, pigs and other livestock that consume genetically engineered feed. For more about GE animal feed, visit:


DYK: Soybeans (in the form of soybean meal) are a common ingredient in livestock and poultry feed!


Pigs, chickens, cows and sheep are different animals and they have different nutritional needs.


Nutrition tailored to each stage of a hen’s life is vital for healthy growth. That’s why farmers work with certified animal nutritionists to develop a healthy diet for their birds.


Pig farmers use feeders like the one pictured to feed their pigs a grain-based, nutritionally balanced diet. Pigs share these feeders and can access them whenever they’re hungry. It’s like an open buffet!


DYK: There are over 900 animal feed ingredients on the market!

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