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Farmers and ranchers care for their animals regardless of how big or small their farm is or if they follow a certification label. Consumers should have access to a variety of food options to select ones that match their values and budgets. As we are all working to feed our families nutritious and wholesome food, no one should be shamed into purchasing foods with a particular label based on fear or misinformation.


How do farmers and ranchers care for their livestock and poultry? Farmers and ranchers work hard every day to provide the best care possible to their animals – in addition to providing nutritional feed, clean housing and fresh water, this includes having a close relationship with a veterinarian to ensure each animal is healthy and receives proper treatment if needed.


From the moment they are born, dairy farmers always seek to provide top-notch care for their cattle.


Comfortable housing is an essential part to the care farmers provide.


Veterinarians and farmers work together. Here are just a few things vets to do help pig farmers take care of their animals:
-Ensure that new moms and newborn pigs eat enough to recover from delivery
-Oversee implementation of ventilation systems to ensure optimum pig comfort
-Individually assess each sow to make feed recommendations
-Oversee herd health management plans


“Farmers and ranchers are dedicated to the health and well-being of their animals. So when the weather gets hot and humid, they take many steps to ensure their livestock are happy and healthy! Here are four ways that farmers help animals keep cool during the summer…”

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