Social media is an integral part of the Alliance’s mission to engage food chain influencers and promote consumer choice by helping them better understand modern animal agriculture. To ensure the value of social media as a communication channel, we must promote an atmosphere that is conducive to open dialog. The following is the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s policy on responding, deleting and blocking social media users.

General Statement

The Alliance encourages comments and active discussion on its social media posts and blog. We are open to different opinions, but ask that everyone show respect for one another and refrain from using threatening, abusive or foul language.

The Alliance will actively monitor social media and blog comments and can be expected to respond weekdays between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


The Alliance will respond to most comments if:

The user asks a relevant question; the Alliance will engage with the user and offer answers and credible sources to respond to the question.

The comment contains misinformation; the Alliance will engage with the user and offer more accurate information.

The comment contains factual information; the Alliance will thank the user for the positive message.

Deleted Comments

The Alliance will delete comments if:

The comment contains inappropriate language. This does not matter if the comment is positive or negative about the animal agriculture community. All posts with inappropriate or foul language will be deleted.

Blocked Users

The Alliance will block/ban users and delete their comments if:

The user personally attacks, threatens and/or uses inappropriate language towards Alliance staff and/or members.

The user is not interested in having a civil dialogue and is only interested in bashing the animal agriculture community. Questions and differing opinions are welcome, however repetitive and hostile posts that do not contribute to the discussion are not.

The user is a dedicated account committed to spreading misinformation about the animal agriculture community.

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