Extreme animal rights activist group Direct Action Everywhere has been busier than ever this year trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated challenges to the food supply to achieve its mission of “total animal liberation.” It’s incredibly disheartening to see them finish the year by stooping to a new low and impersonating a food industry leader during a national news broadcast about the critically important topic of providing vaccines to frontline food industry workers. This type of stunt undermines public trust in both the media and the food industry at a time when farmers, ranchers, processing plant workers, retail employees, restaurant servers and every other link in the food chain continues to go above and beyond to keep shelves stocked and the supply chain flowing. This incident joins an extremely long list of examples of Direct Action Everywhere’s willingness to fabricate, manipulate and outright lie about animal agriculture in its efforts to bring an end to the industry. This organization should not be taken seriously and its attempts to disrupt the food supply are shameful, especially given the rise in food insecurity over the past year.

If you have questions about Direct Action Everywhere or other extreme activist groups, contact the Alliance: info@animalagalliance.org.

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