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Like being a pig farmer, being a swine veterinarian isn’t easy. It requires a love of agriculture and a strong commitment to caring for animals. Veterinarians are some of the best and most vocal advocates of modern farming! https://bit.ly/2a6BkRW


According to a new study, the inputs needed to produce a pound of pork in the United States became more environmentally friendly over time! https://bit.ly/2H8tTgB


Farmers are dedicated to animal welfare each and every day. Everyone on the farm plays role – from farm owners, to veterinarians, to farm workers, to drivers who help transport the animals. https://bit.ly/2dTn1BD


DYK: 98% of pig farms are family owned. Whether farming runs deep in their roots or they are just getting started, farm families have a passion for raising pigs that is often passed on across generations. http://bit.ly/2kLJvaM


Farmers make sure each piglet gets off to a healthy start. https://bit.ly/29PhiPq


Farrowing stalls reduce the number of piglets that are accidentally laid on or stepped on by the sow! https://bit.ly/29PhiPq


What did you have for lunch today? For pigs, every meal is the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, and grains, such as soybean meal, corn, wheat and barley. With such nutritious ingredients, it’s no wonder they like to pig out!! https://bit.ly/2Cpk6Me


Most people wear clean shoes to work, and pig farmers are no exception! To ensure that harmful diseases are not introduced to their pigs, farmers enlist biosecurity measures such as wearing clean coveralls and boots and showering before entering the pig barn! https://bit.ly/2Qm5gMY


As a local business, pig farms support their communities by providing jobs. According to National Pork Producers Council, the U.S. pork industry supports over 550,00 jobs!! https://bit.ly/2Qm5weU


Advancements in modern pig farming and food production have helped farmers become more efficient and better equipped to care for their animals and manage their farming operations. https://bit.ly/2C9C7Qq


The majority of pigs are raised in barns that use technology like fans, misters, and heaters to keep the animals comfortable all year round. Barns can also be helpful in providing animals with clean fresh feed and water daily. https://bit.ly/2JWXJ6Y

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