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Blog: Keep calm and agvocate on

Publication Date: 2/19/2016

The Animal Agriculture Alliance recently released a new campaign highlighting the importance of animal protein in a healthy, balanced diet. The Meat Matters campaign includes a webpage with fast facts and resources along with an eye-catching Meat Matters guide, social media graphics and a pledge encouraging participants to tell their friends why they believe meat matters. The campaign works to debunk myths and misinformation spread by groups that push for a meatless diet.

Online food fight?

On the third day of the campaign we caught the animal rights activists’ attention on Twitter and were slammed with every vulgar word you could think of. The hateful language came in all at once from about five different accounts and lasted an hour before the food fight was over. A few days later hateful comments started pouring in on our Instagram. I couldn’t actually hear what they were saying, but the tone made you want to cover your ears…because we all know complaining loudly gives you instant credibility, right?

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