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Blog: It’s fair season! I like pig butts and I cannot lie…

Publication Date: 7/31/2015

This past Monday, I was sitting in my Washington D.C. apartment when I received a phone call from my mother; she wanted to FaceTime. I didn’t even know she knew how to that. I sat down my book, “The Fred Factor” and picked up her call. As I peered into the screen of my iPhone4, I was greeted by several familiar faces saying (some of them actually screaming) “HEY!” This crowd was filled with friends of all ages – some my parents’ age, some my age, and some that haven’t even hit double digits. The sight of this group and their location resurfaced many nostalgic feelings.

They were at my county fair!

Although my days showing at the fair ended three years ago, my parents always take time out of their week to reconnect with friends and be a part of the excitement and fun associated with showing livestock. The people I began chatting with over the phone are those I met and became close to when I was an exhibitor. During the conversation, I began to reflect on my fair memories. I am ever so grateful that I had the opportunity to raise livestock for the fair. It provided me with so much laughter, new friends and a chance to grow in many different ways. 

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