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Blog: Is it immoral to promote systems that do less with more?

Publication Date: 6/5/2015

“I believe it is immoral to promote systems that do less with more.” Cameron Bruett, chief sustainability officer and head of corporate affairs for JBS USA Holdings, Inc., introduced this idea at our 2015 Summit during his presentation on sustainability. I knew that being resourceful, efficient and thinking about the future was the smart thing to do, but to say that it is immoral if you support and promote systems that aren’t – I had never exactly thought of it in terms of morality, but I think Mr. Bruett has a point.

Doing less with more 

Is it immoral to promote systems that don’t take advantage of scientists’ research about technology, biotechnology and other improvements to further and better agriculture? Perhaps it is. People have accepted and welcomed innovations and and improvements using technology in other areas that directly affect their lives, so why is there a hesitation to accept innovative techniques in agriculture?

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