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Blog: Farmers care about their animals and the people who say they don’t

Publication Date: 5/22/2015

I think it’s safe to say that my internship with the Alliance has been everything I was hoping for and more. From my first blog post to this one, I have done something I didn’t even know was possible – I’ve become even more passionate and dedicated to agriculture. This is why I am excited to continue working alongside a great team here at the Alliance as communications coordinator!

During my time with the Alliance I have not only learned so much about animal agriculture, but I have also been able to see my ideas come to life through my writing and serve their purpose of informing people who want to know more. But I’d have to say without any hesitation that what I have enjoyed the most isn’t the writing, the content creating or all the other daily tasks I’m responsible for. What I enjoy most about my work is when I interact and hear directly from the farmers and industry leaders that I advocate on behalf of.

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