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Blog: “Agvocation” Defined: A Political Junkie’s Perspective on the Future of Agricultural Social Media.

Publication Date: 3/6/2015

Before I get into the nerdy stuff, let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Weinberg and I am studying Political Communication at The George Washington University. My family and I own a small beef cattle operation in Central New Jersey and have been members of both the feedlot and show cattle industries since the early 2000’s. I came to DC knowing that I would find a way to fuse my drives for the law, politics and agriculture into a solid undergraduate experience. That’s how I landed myself at the Animal Agriculture Alliance.

My degree in Political Communication is helpful in analyzing agricultural marketing and social media. Long story short: anti-industry, activists, opposition groups- whatever you call them- are doing a much better communicating than us. I am NOT saying that what they are communicating is in any way representative of American agriculture. What I am saying is that the opposition groups have done a much better job transforming our practices into their versions of reality and proposing it as truth than we have at showing and explaining our practices to consumers.

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