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Blog: Food labels: helpful or hectic?

Publication Date: 3/27/2015

During my last trip to Costco I discovered a new hobby: reading egg carton labels. Now, before you call me a weird person without a life, let me explain.

Animal Rights and Animal Agriculture

Since I’ve started my internship at the Alliance, I have become a lot more conscious of animal rights groups and how they affect the food industry and the perception that the average consumer has about the animal agriculture industry.

Now that I devote my time to learning everything I can about agriculture and being immersed in the field, I am able to stay in tune with current issues and campaigns that animal rights groups are stirring up and how they are affecting farmers and ranchers.  I finally get to put my expensive college education to use and do what I love – share my knowledge and opinions with people who may not be as familiar with agriculture and therefore, are more susceptible to the activist campaigns that clutter the media.

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